Where to even start.  I am a citizen.  I am one of the lucky ones living the American dream.  I have worked hard all my life.  I have a wonderful husband and two wonderful kids.  I have a house, with a roof that doesn’t leak….yet, knock on wood, I hope it lasts another year.  We have two cars that run. My husband has a good job and so far things are ok.

I must confess that as I built my life, politics wasn’t something I paid attention to.  But I am paying attention now.  I watch the news and read articles on the web.  I try to hear both sides of the story.  I have been researching our financial situation extensively over the past few months.  I try to back up all my information with .gov links.

I hope to get information out to the public.  It is my intent to share knowledge not to bash the politicians.  Although I will often reference the “current administration” let me make it abundantly clear that I hold Republicans and the Democrats equally responsible for the current state of affairs.

Posted on March 19th, 2010 by Holly

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  1. Joyce Audy Zarins Says:

    Hi Holly,
    I think that the time you have spent (and are spending on this is incredibly useful to people like us because some of us (me especially) are not very good at wading through the quagmire.
    I would be happy to send your link to quite a few friends of mine now, or when you think you have put enough of the most critical info up.
    For example, during the holidays, we went to my friends Ana’s house in Malden. There were seven or eight people there who are starting an organization of people they know who want to get involved in doing something about the situation.
    They wanted me to get involved, but I’m not good at activism. I think they would see your site as a good resource. And I actually have other friends who can think.
    Anyway, bravo to you!

  2. Joyce Audy Zarins Says:

    The simple, clear design of your site is great.
    Graphics (pie charts, etc) are critical. Universal Design vastly increases the impact of information.
    Also, a tiny suggestion about your masthead. You may want to say Current State of U.S. Affairs.

  3. holly Says:

    Thank you for the great feedback. It is very time consuming to wade through all the data that is out there. The more I find the more I realize how important it is for people to become involved. There is no easy solution that I can see. We have to get our spending in line with our revenue, and that is going to hurt people across the boards. Unfortunately, no one wants to hear it. When we go to the ballot boxes, we need to look for truth, not promises. Even when the truth the is last thing we want to hear.

    PS: I will be updating the site with visual aides soon.

  4. JAZ Says:

    One problem with the “look for truth, not promises” concept is how to recognize the truth.

  5. Carl Says:

    When it comes to a politician’s promises it is really hard to try to figure out what the truth is. However, if you look over that person’s history maybe you can pull out enough truth to at least make an informed guess as to how they will act in the future. Unfortunately, we tend to judge based on what we see in the media. Reading the CBO reports, Senate/House bills, etc. has really opened my eyes. I have been amazed at how far from the truth the spin sends us.

    I strongly recommend going to the official records as often as you can and interpret for yourself what you are reading.

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