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Hi Everyone.  I thought I’d drop in for a quick guest post.  I am Holly’s husband and support her by managing the technical details behind this site.  This is her blog and she’ll write the majority of posts, but every once in a while I may jump in and write one. When I think about […]

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Spending visualization

The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  I have to agree.  So, here are a couple of charts to break down our spending. In 2009 our Outlays were 167% of our Receipts.

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Federal Spending

We have been running budget deficits for a long time.  Both Democrats and Republicans have been running up our credit card. It is catching up to us. Please don’t try to tell me that President Clinton cut the deficit, he didn’t.  President Clinton had an “on-budget” surplus of $449 billion but during that same time the “off-budget” deficit […]

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Where is the money going

I was quite shocked when I started to really look at the official US Budget. Here is the 10 year plan (page 151) Receipts:  $37 trillion Outlays:  $46 trillion Deficit:  $9 trillion Um…yeah, doesn’t sound like a good plan to me either.  So, debt is going to grow. What happens to interest expense? 2010 = […]

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Social Security

I have been hearing that Social Security is going broke my whole life.  I think most Americans hear it, know it, but think we have time to address it “later”.  I have known since I joined the workforce about 20 years ago that Social Security has problems, so that is at least 5 presidential terms…both […]

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